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Networking Services

Networking is a broad subject, but here are a few of the services that we can offer.

Firewalls and Security Appliances

We offer firewalls and security appliances from leading manufacturers. Not only will we install them and keep them up-to-date with the latest software, but we can also offer regular external testing to ensure your network is secure from external attacks.

Regular updates and testing are a necessary part of firewall and security appliance maintenance.

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Our staff have experience in installing Enterprise Wi-Fi since 1999.

We are able to provide customers with seamless connectivity and handoff solutions for almost any sized premises, with separate guest networks, with pay gateways where required.

Above all, you will find our solutions cost-effective and above all, reliable.

Internet Connectivity

We have been providing our customers with our Internet connections for over ten years. We offer ADSL and fibre broadband products, as well as leased lines.

We also provide radio links between sites, and also bonded connections for remote locations where ordinary connections yield slow speeds.

We also offer 3G and 4G SIM cards, with generous data transfer allowances, for when fixed connectivity isn’t an option. Our SIM cards even come with fixed IP addresses, so resources can be accessed remotely – ideal for monitoring CCTV at remote sites.