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Telecoms Services

Telecoms Services

We have a vast range of Telecoms products, so finding the right solution for your company is easy.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is a mature product, and offers call quality that equals and sometimes betters that of legacy systems.

We are aware that no single shoe fits everyone, so we have three different Hosted VoIP platforms to choose from. Don’t worry though – we will do all of the legwork, to find out which platform is right for you.

Whichever system we provide, you will receive a reliable, fully featured system, with predictable ongoing costs future proofing, and excellent business continuity options.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Although the latest trend is to run everything as a hosted system, there are still situations where installing an on-premise phone system makes sense.

We offer a variety of telephone systems, analogue, digital and IP. These can be connected to the outside world via traditional telephone lines, or VoIP.

Hybrid Systems

Sometimes, it makes sense to use both an on-premise system, and also a hosted system. using our networking expertise, we are able to design and provide a hybrid solution, that offers the benefits of both a hosted and an on-premise system.

Telephone Lines and Minutes

Working with some of the largest and most recognisable names in the telecoms world, we are able to offer fantastic savings on your telephone lines and minutes. Switching is easy and seamless, and should you need to get in touch with us, you can just call us and speak to the same people each time – no more call centres to deal with!

Inbound and Telephony Disaster Recovery Solutions

We also have a very intelligent inbound call routing system that can be used in many different scenarios. We can provide you with a geographic, or non-geographic number which routes through to our system.

Once the call is in our system, the magic starts:

  • Fax to Email - give your number out as a fax number. Incoming faxes will be converted into PDF's and emailed to you.
  • Intelligent Routing - when a call comes in, we can make it ring a group of mobiles, landlines, or a combination. This can emulate the functionality of a traditional phone system, but using your existing hardware.
  • Voicemail - we can set up the number to function purely as a voice mailbox.
  • Time of Day Routing - adjust the behaviour of the service, based on different times/days of the week.
  • Queueing - we can implement call queueing to handle overflow.
  • And much more!

A good use-case for this service is as a disaster recovery platform for a telephone system.

We all know that we can get BT to divert to a mobile, but what happens when all calls for a 50 user phone system start going to ONE mobile?

With our system, we can pre-program the system with a series of mobile or landline numbers, so that if your office phone system fails, we can have your contingency plan up and running as quickly as your landline provider can divert your telephone number.