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Fully Managed IT Services

Fully Managed IT Services

Our fully managed IT Services agreements give you peace of mind – controlled expenditure, agreed levels of service, and the strategic consultancy needed to ensure that you are making the right choices when it comes to changes and additions. We work with our clients inside Exeter and across Devon, to reduce operational and capital expenditure, and to optimise their existing infrastructure.

Just a few elements of our fully managed agreements

  • An all-inclusive, predictable monthly price for your IT support requirements.
  • FREE, premium antivirus and antimalware software for the duration of the agreement.
  • Regular network scans, covering industry best practice and security checks.
  • FREE, premium remote access software so that users can access their machines remotely, making home-working far easier.
  • And lots more...

What is a managed services agreement?

A managed IT Services agreement changes the outdated “we’ll fix it when it’s broken” methodology for “let’s manage the system so it doesn’t break in the first place”.

You might have previously looked at a managed service agreement and thought that you would be paying more than if you were on a break/fix agreement, but have you considered the true costs of downtime? Every time your computers stop working, it creates a knock-on effect for your business. Users can’t work, customer orders aren’t fulfilled, and suppliers can’t be paid. Meanwhile you can only wait for your IT service provider to fix this when their other jobs are completed – they aren’t sitting there doing nothing, waiting for your call!

Our fully managed agreements cover a lot more than you would expect, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes! It’s not just a case of us fixing things when you call us to report a problem; we work constantly to ensure that your network stays in good working order.

One of the areas that maybe you had not considered, is the security management aspect of our agreements. We all know that there are people out there looking to compromise your network. According to The Daily Telegraph, as of 2013, there are over 120,000 “cyberincidents” per day in the UK. There are over 600,000 hack attempts on Facebook every day!

The criminals are out there, and they don’t care how small or big your network is. The smallest, most insignificant bit of data that they steal, is part of a much bigger picture.

As part of our agreement, we will regularly monitor your security and event logs, and deal with any anomalies. Of course, security patch management is included, to keep your systems up to date.  Industry intelligence is also used, to make sure that systems are protected from the latest threats.

A fully managed agreement gives you predictable spending, SLA backed support, and an overall increase in efficiency. Call us on 01392 412151 today, for a quote.